Who are we?

The shop

In the heart of the village of Chinaillon, the team of SKISET ADRENALINE is happy to welcome you and advise you, the best equipment adapted to your needs, rental and sale.
We offer you a wide choice of skis and snowboards, snowblades, sticks and shoes (cleaned and disinfected) and of course helmets essential for safety.
For those who prefer, we also have hiking, skating and bottom skis.
You will find, more specifically the sale of bonnets, helmets, socks, masks, glasses, backbones and many other items.
SKISET ADRENALINE offers thermoformed slippers, in particular those developed by the Austrian brand FISCHER VACUUM (for more information click here.
You will also find exclusively the brands VOLKL, DALBELLO, MARKER, ORAGE, SUN VALLEY ...
To win even more quickly the snowy summits we propose to you to buy the ski passes of the domain of the Grand Bornand and the ARAVIS in our store.
Wishing more and more comfort for our customers, you also have the possibility to leave your skis, poles and shoes in ventilated racks after your day of skiing in our shop.
Concerned about the performance, waxing and sharpening can be ensured during your stay and this on a daily basis.
Any special requests for delivery in your chalets or apartments can be considered, our main concern being the quality of your holiday in our resort.
Every day during the season, we are at your disposal to equip you from head to toe in good humor and meet your expectations.
And for our Anglophone customers we speak English.

Our Ethic

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